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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Did you notice I canged the name of the bolg, from  
Why? Because I know given the schedule I keep, it will be most
difficult to keep the pace of a painting daily. Other things come in
the way. So I 'd rather maintain a log of my daily or weekly activities,
than proclaim I do a painting daily, and then look for an escuse for
skipping a day!
So there, this blog is my artists dairy. Not a daily Painters blog.
I will be posting othere things here, drawings, tutorials, photos etc.

You know Alla Prima isn't an easy technique to master!
Especially when you're switching from one style to another. 
However....I think given my background, my enormous patience,
attention to detail, will get me there. ahem!!
Like Sergei Bongart says..patience....!

Green Capsicum

6 x 7" Oil on Hardboard Panel


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