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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bottle with white Pebbles

A week later, I found the time to do my next small painting.
Bottle with white Pebbles. Oil on board. 6x7"

I liked the way the bottle turned out, but am not so happy with the pebbles.
Its too soft , and I found it a tough task to add the highlights. :)
Maybe if I had pulled the white down a bit.
Next time.  

And here's the photo , again I did not use the photo for reference, but painted it live.

( The photo is free for your personal use.)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cup with spoon

I did this 7x6" Oil on Hardboard today, which after a long break is a first.
I played with contrasts, dark with light, also, the firm hard cup and spoon with the soft abstract nature of the paper napkin.

Cup with spoon
Oil on hardboard, 7 x 6 "
Wow!Its been just over a year since I posted the Ferrari painting!
This past year has been a learning experience for me! Just when you think you know everything, you hook a left, and suddenly you realise you don't know zilch! Im talking about all the factors that goes into a painting. Its like a elevator. The more you climb up, the more you can see. But you can paint from almost ANY level, no matter how much you know.

I've been feeding myself stuff about compostion, color theory, value composition , things one needs to be aware of if you are to be any good at what you do.
It will still take me a lot of attempts before I am satisfied.
Meanwhile remember at the start of this blog I 'd mention Im fighting a serious artist' block.