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Monday, February 05, 2007

Confession time:

I am new to Alla Prima. I've never painted in alla prima.
Mine was the old classical technique. Layered oil painting.

Here's how my work flow normally went>

1. Charcoal sketch
2. Followed by acryllic or oil outline.
3. Oil light and shadow wash, usually in Burnt Umber.
4. First layer of oil paint, dark tones.
5. Second layer of oil , the mid tones.
6. Third layer , the light tones.
7. The finishing touches, and the highlights.

That's how I used to paint. But Alla Prima was attracting me
very much with its natural style, and the rather attractive
impressionistic results you can obtain.
Here's one of my paintings from my archive, one I did in 1999,
for a Resort hotel. The client wanted an extra huge painting for his
new Conference-cum-Marraige hall. So I did a recopy of E.M.Ward's
"Dr. Johnson in the ante room of Lord Chesterfield, Waiting for an audience"
I had to stretch out the original size to
ten feet though , as the clients requirements did not match
the actual painting. A bit of pulling , stretching did the work,
and the painting fit!

Here's the painting side ended to show you scale.
Thats me back then , on the right in white.

Oil on stretched canvas , 10 feet x 4 feet

Here's the painting right side up:

I also am very fond of american southwest art, especially Cowboys
and Indians. I used to do a lot of copy work of old cowboy books.
This painting is from a cover of a Louis L'amour cowboy novel.

Oil on primed hardboard panel.
I think it was about 24 " by 14". This was gifted to a friend of mine,
who after seeing the painting, just HAD to have it!!

So , there , thats my artistic history, old school.
So if you see some of my one day paintings a bit
on the squeaky side, you know Im learning.....!
I also LOOOVeee wild life. Its my favourite topic.
When I used to be down on money , I agreed to take on a lot of
portrait commissions. I have done some huge ones, 10 feet, 7 feet,
group portraits. But wildlife is easy. Even if you make a mistake in
a tigers hair or face, ol tiggy isnt going to mind!!!

Here's a tiger paiting I did long back, now with a collector in London.


TK said...

Awesome work, glad you have the opportunity to paint again! It's a wonderful feeling, and when one has your superb talent, well I can imagine how excited you must be. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Best wishes,

abhie said...

Tk, thank you very much for your comments. Actually Im curious too, as to how I will develop.
The only reason I stopped painting was owing to my career in computer graphics , and the fact that paintings didnt really make much money where I stay, and the fact that I didnt know how to market them!!Lol.
But Im back on track now, and looking forward to making new stuff.
Your blog as well your profile is fantastiv Tk!! I loved the Godess of Compassion and the horse paintings very much.
I like your paintings so much , that Im adding your link to my list of favourites.
Nice knowing you, and looking forward to seeing more of your work too.