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Friday, April 13, 2007

Painting cracked coconuts is interesting! Especially because they have this dark band of the shell encircling the white coconut flesh.
This painting was done using Copal medium, a first for me , as I've never before worked with Copal. But I love it. It has a flow and handling that suits alla prima.
This painting took about 90 minutes to finish.
Interesting thing you can do here, is, if you wan't to put in the fine fiber of the coconut, just reverse your brush, and scratch in the hairs. ( Oooops!! Secret out!)

Oil on board.
6 x 7 "

(Image is copyright free)


TK Temple said...

Hi Abhie,

I really like how well you captured the interior whites of this coconut! White is so challenging to paint, it has so much color in it but is often so subtle. Excellent job.
Best wishes!

abhie said...

Tk, thankyou for the comments , appreciate it.

The coconut was done in about 90 minutes. Im begining to get the hang of alla prima now, bit by bit. Lol.

I just saw your sculpture "alpha".
I was shocked to read it was a sculpture! Lol, I thought it was a photo!!

Sycamore canyon is pretty good too.
Look forward to seeing more of your works.
Keep in touch!