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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cup with beans and a tomato

Ooops! I thought I could, but obviously I couldnt!! Lol.
But Im back with a painting. Fact is I got busy and involved in training people in graphic software. So my day got filled up. But if you bear with me, the intervals of abscence will gradually decrease , and I will eventually level out with daily works postings.
To all those who were keeping tabs, Im sorry for the absence.

This is a painting I did today of a cup , some green beans, and a tomato.
Im getting better at alla prima gradually, so I expect to see some real improvement in the future. But to me who 's been painting the classical method wet on wet is quite difficult to master.

Cup with Tomato and green beans
Oil on prepared board. 6 x 7 "

And here's the photo of the still life. (Copyright free, use it as you will.)

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