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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mug and Carrots

Ah, the luxury of being able to paint DAILY!!!!  

Hope I can experience that soon. :)

Today was a holiday here in India. The famous Elephant God festival. Ganesh Chaturthi. So, took my time setting this up and painting it. Normally I paint before I go to work. So I hurry through things.

Carrots can be quite luminous. I pulled these carrots outa the fridge. They were a few days old. If you can get the reddish variety of carrots , paint them in the sunlight. The luminous orange is fantastic.

Remember, when painting metallic objects that reflect the surroundings, the metal takes on the color, in most cases, of the background. So if you are painting metal make it a point to have some the metallic color on the metal, in the background.

This is 8 x 10" , Oil on Canvas. Done in an hour and a half.

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