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Monday, September 08, 2008

Also on Sunday, I worked on my entry to the Anders Zorn Master of the Month (MOM) thread on Wet Canvas.

Although I used the Zorn palette, I found this painting "Woman Dressing" to have more yellow and Green than the usual colors he used. So I added in a bit of Chrome Yellow plus Sap Green .
This was done in about three hours. The reference image was a small Jpeg I got from
Final version:

Stage Three: Color lay in

stage II : block in

Stage  I : Sketch in with brush. This was an old canvas, which I had aborted, then re-applied a white wash, then covered it with a ground of burnt sienna, and alizarin crimson.
Canvas panel: 36 x 24"

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Thamanna said...

Abhieeee.. Excellent, man!