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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sumatran Tiger

Believe me , I'm really trying to find the time. But in the race between earning money, and making the time to paint , the former wins. Add to that the fact the there is so much of stuff you put away for the weekend , its an uphill task to paint anywhere near the kind of art you really want to make.
Anyhoo, I made the time for the Sumatran Tiger, and finally got it underway. At this rate, I should be making one artpeice per-year!! Lol!
This is an Oil on streched Canvas,
30" x 24" h
This painting was based on the original photo by UK photographer Andrew Land.
Thank you Andy for the permission to use your photo.
Your photographs are awesome, and may they keep coming.
This is Andrew's site:

Sumatran Tiger, Oil on stretched canvas, 30" x 24" h

Close up:


tomawesome said...

I know how you feel dividing up your time... and it's about time to see what you've done in 2012 :)
Great work, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! ....>>>>Settle4It<<<<
All of your work is awesome!